Ann Niu, Qin Feng, Wang Tiande, Yang Liming, Zhang Tingqun

July 25 - September 28, 2019

Crossing Art is delighted to announce: ‘Encountering Rhythm of Time’, the summer group show, featuring five Chinese artists — Ann Niu, Qin Feng, Wang Tiande, Yang Liming, and Zhang Tingqun. These artists utilize different abstract pictorial languages to transform our perception of time and space, to explore the fluidity and rhythmicality that flow beneath the tangible dimension of existence. The exquisite meditative paintings, with a concurring stylistic focus on intricate and continuous linear strokes, deliver an interwoven sense between the temporal and the spatial realm.


The artworks present influences of Chinese calligraphy and ink painting,  rendering the fantastical marriage between the eastern philosophy that emphasizes spirituality and inner-cultivation, and the western avant-garde approaches that are loudly radical and proudly chaotic. Such artistic collision creates a placidly powerful statement that challenges the boundary between the material and the immaterial, the static and whimsical, permanence and transience. From the pictorial mediation in Yang Liming’s deep monochromatic shades, to the poetic musicality in Qin Feng’s dynamic brushstrokes; from the visually texturized rhythm in Zhang Tingqun’s linear composition, to the calligraphic melody in Ann Niu’s expressive treatment of color, to the ruminative use of subtlety different shades of ink in Wang Taide’s layered landscapes, these paintings offer a powerful visual orchestration that challenges our sensibilities and perceptions. Through these meditative brushstrokes, the show presents a new sensory dimension where the temporal and spatial realms seem to intertwine, and where the Chinese pictorial tradition and the Western abstraction converge.

Press Release