Using fluid, gestural lines, Ann Niu builds upon calligraphic tradition to tell stories both personal and universal. Niu’s work draws upon her multicultural upbringing in places such as Japan, China, Korea, and the United States. Incorporating elements of traditional Chinese ink painting and Western oil painting, the artist works in both oil on canvas and watercolor on rice paper. Her representational and calligraphic compositions, which draw from street art and Abstract Expressionism, are rendered with energetic brushstrokes and in vivid colors and thin washes. Emblematic of her larger body of work, Niu’s “Scholar Stones” series features free-spirited gestures that filter traditional techniques through a modern lens. Grounded in Chinese tradition, the series melds poetry from the post–Cultural Revolution era with ancient objects of meditation.

Her works have been shown in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, France, Holland, Australia… collected by Singapore National Art Museum, HSBC Private Bank(HSBCPB), and various worldwide private collectors.