Quid pro Quo

September 13th - October 12th, 2018

Crossing Art is pleased to present ‘Quid Pro Quo’, an exhibition including works from Indian-American artist, Vandana Jain, and Korean artist, Taeim Ha, on view from September 13th to October 12th.

The exhibition captures the artists’ divergence from their traditional cultures in the face of modern society. 

Vandana Jain undertakes nothing less than a critique of global capitalism. Located in New York, the headquarters of world commerce, she draws on her immediate environment of multinationals that consume and thrive in an environment of excess and self-indulgence.

Taeim Ha’s exuberant paintings are expressive, filled with color, and reflect the current mindset of response to westernization and modernization within Korea. Her confident and broad strokes of color across the canvas highlight a new generation that seeks to find their own expression and meaning outside of tradition, at the same time questioning globalization at large.

Opening Reception: Thursday,September 13th, 6-8pm


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