Lin Jiun Ting


Taiwanese new media artist Lin Jiun-Ting makes an effort using high-tech media to breathe fresh life into the forms of classical Chinese art. His fascination with “the constant transformation and boundary-breaking of contemporary western art” empowers his preference to interpret Chinese traditions with modern prospect. Lin demonstrates his belief in humanism and Taoism by blurring the line between reality and vanity, and drawing audiences into a place beyond time-space limits.

Grew up in Taiwan, Lin later studied art in New York City. In 2003, Lin was awarded the techno-art artist residency at Location One in New York by Asian Cultural Council. In 2011, Lin was commissioned by National Palace Museum in Taipei to create a new media artwork and exhibition –“Beyond Landscape”, which later won MUSE Award for Interpretive Interactive Installations in 2012. Lin is also the founder and art director of BluePhoenix New Media Arts based in Shanghai, and the visiting professor in Sichuan Fine Art Institute.